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Get individual attention and customized learning plans with our convenient home tuition services. Achieve your academic goals today.

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Join our group tuition services for interactive learning, peer support, and affordable rates. Achieve academic success with us.

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Experience convenient and effective online tuition services from expert tutors in the comfort of your own home. Join us today.

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Get personalized offline tuition services from experienced tutors to help you achieve academic excellence.

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Our special needs tuition services provide individualized support to help every student achieve their full potential.

Coaching and Mentoring

Our coaching and mentoring services provide personalized support and guidance to help you reach your academic and personal goals.

STEM Activities

Brain Fluids offers STEM activities covering robotics, coding, electronics, and 3D printing to.

Arts and Crafts

At Brain Fluids, our Art & Craft activities inspire creativity and self-expression.

Music and dance

At Brain Fluids, our Music & Dance programs encourage self-expression and creativity. Our

Mediation and Yoga

At Brain Fluids, our Meditation & Yoga programs promote physical and mental.

Councelling & Guidence

Brain Fluids offers personalized counseling and guidance Our experienced


Brain Fluids provides personalized counseling and guidance for individuals to

Academic issues

Many students may come to you with concerns about their academic performance,

Personal issues

Students may also seek counseling to discuss personal issues, such as stress,

Career development

Some students may come to you for guidance on career choices, internships, job


Other students may seek counseling to explore their identity, values, beliefs, or

Health and wellness

me students may come to you for advice on maintaining a healthy lifestyle,

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We assist you in setting up private demo sessions with parents or students. You can continue paying tuition and begin making money if parents and students approve of the demo session and vice versa.



We can assist you in choosing the ideal at-home instructor. When you tell us what you need to learn, our staff will choose a knowledgeable, patient teacher who will make the process enjoyable.

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If you are passionate about teaching and learning, sign up to be a tutor with us so you can show off your skills to kids and make additional money.

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Current Vacancies

There are numerous opportunities waiting for you in our exciting part-time home tutoring positions in academics for grades KG through 12.

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