About Us

Welcome to our tuition center in Dehradun, where we are committed to providing high-quality education and support services to our students. Our center is ISO certified, which means that we adhere to strict quality standards and procedures to ensure that our students receive the best possible learning experience. Discover our premier educational center providing top-notch tuition services across a broad spectrum of subjects, spanning primary to high school levels.

Our team of highly qualified and experienced tutors employs cutting-edge and interactive teaching methodologies, ensuring a dynamic and enjoyable learning experience for our students. We believe in the uniqueness of each learner, collaborating closely with students and their parents to devise personalized tuition plans tailored to their specific needs.
Our center also presents an array of enriching extracurricular activities and workshops aimed at fostering soft skills, boosting confidence, and empowering students for future career endeavors. Notably, our renowned STEMpire program offers sought-after hands-on learning opportunities in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Our Vision

1) We are confident that our educational programme will help every one of our pupils reach their unique educational objectives.
2) Provide each student a fulfilling experience and chances to develop their abilities and self-esteem.
3) Assisting kids in developing their capacity as autonomous learners will help them lay the groundwork for future success.
4) Provide a welcoming learning atmosphere.

Our Mission

Delivering thorough, individualised education that equips children of all ages for success in school and in life.We employ a distinctive and cutting-edge method of instruction that enables pupils to relate to the material they must master.

Our students acquire the skills necessary for continuous success in their academic subjects through individualised and targeted teaching methods. We don't succeed unless our kids succeed, thus our success depends on how attentive we are to their needs and how well we support them in achieving.

About Us

We provide high quality tutoring services at Brain Fluids Education Dehradun for a wide range of disciplines that span all Keystages and adhere to the national curriculum. Students are welcome to use our services. We offer a wide range of academic courses that are required for the Keystage, including math, science, English language, biology, chemistry, physics, linear math, math mechanics. Each subject will be made available in accordance with the relevant examination board's requirements.

Students are taught a special method for solving problems that gives them a framework for how to approach any subject they study in class. With the help of this method, students should be able to more effectively resolve their own problems.


Our Mentors

Praveen Khanduri

M.sc and PHD

Praveen Khanduri is an accomplished professional with a strong academic background, including an M.Sc and PhD degree. He has gained valuable experience working in both the corporate and educational sectors, with four years of experience in the former and eight years in the latter.

Dr. Mukul Sharma

Clinical Psychologist. Ph.D

Dr. Mukul Sharma is an experienced clinical psychologist with 15 years of practice under his belt. With a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, he has honed his skills in therapy, counseling, and diagnosis. His expertise and compassion have helped many individuals overcome their mental health challenges.

Mr Khushal Pathak


Khushal Pathak is an Entrepreneur / Tech Educator with significant industrial experience. He has successfully nurtured start-up companies from their inception to operational success. He has not only imparted knowledge to numerous colleges and universities but has also played a pivotal role in shaping the programming careers of aspiring professionals. His dynamic teaching approach, combined with a deep understanding of diverse programming languages, has made him a sought-after mentor in the field.

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