About Your Group Tuitions

If your child struggles with self-motivation or with maintaining focus in class, group tutoring is a fantastic choice. When teaching a class, the tutor may ensure that everyone is on task and keep the lesson going forward. As a result, your child won't become bored or distracted during sessions, which can help them learn more efficiently. Others in their group, however, can make some students feel intimidated, which could impair their performance in class.

You can save time and money by taking group lessons, making them more affordable and convenient for you. With more pupils in the class, you can learn more quickly because they frequently spur one another on to do better in class. Most significantly, they support socialisation while you are learning.

Advantages of Group Tuition

      1) Personalized attention is one of them.
      2) Particular study techniques.
      3) More self-assurance.
      4) Assistance with assignments, tests, etc.
      5) Exam tactics and strategies.


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How Can Group Tutoring Benefit Your Child?

One-on-one tutoring is popular among parents and kids because it allows students to receive the individualised attention that classroom teachers are unable to.

According to studies, small-group tutoring is particularly effective for developing problem-solving abilities and specific skill sets. Students who take part in small group tutoring also perform better than their peers.

      1) Students Build Confidence
      2) Students Stay Engaged
      3) Students Stick with It

Why are fees significant to students?

These days, student competition is fierce. In addition to classroom instruction, students frequently require new study habits, in-depth explanations, etc. from tutoring programmes to stay on top.

If your child is absent for a few days, how we will cover the portion which is missed?

Students benefit the maximum if they are regular to classes. However, if a student must miss a few days of class because of unavoidable circumstances, they receive the following support.

      1) Student is given instruction to undertake self-study of the component missed out
      2) Additional practise exercises and doubt clarification for the same is done wherever possible.
      3)If time permits, the tutor will try to revise the important lessons missed by the child either during practise time of live class or on Saturdays.

Which learning institution is the best?

We live in the Internet era, so there are many institutions and tuition providers to select from, particularly when it comes to online tuition programmes. To locate the finest tutor or tuition centre for you, go through the reviews and ratings of the Brain Fluids tuition centres.